Recycling systems for single-use coffee capsules

Welcome to the next generation of beverage machines, recycling single-use beverage capsules.

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  Do we really have other options than living sustainably? Single serve coffee capsules, while convenient, create a lot of waste and with this, a lot of costs. CAPAGAIN tackles this problem head-on by presenting an efficient solution to meet future environmental challenges. Our product enables the recycling of coffee capsules right inside the coffee machine. After brewing the coffee, our machine automatically extracts the coffee ground out of the used capsule. The consumer then can compost the coffee and throw the packaging material in the respective recycle bin, making coffee capsules a sustainable product. 

About the Impact of Capsules

Problem: Coffee Capsules Waste

Until 2016, nearly CHF60m were spent on collecting and recycling the 24% of all used Nespresso® capsules (The Positive Cup, 2017). What about the remaining 76%? What about billions capsules from over 300 other coffee brands?

Solution: the Coffee-Capsule Recycling Machine

Our patent-pending technology developed at the EPFL allows to sort the different materials contained in used capsules. The input is a brewed capsule, the outputs are: compostable coffee ground on one side, and packaging material such as aluminum ready to be recycled on the other side. Our device is automatic, compact, and can be integrated in the design of domestic coffee machines.

Market: proprietary capsule brands

Institutions make growing pressure. For example, in 2016 the city of Hamburg banned coffee capsules. Also consumers make pressure. If you ask Germans: why don't you consider buying a capsule machine? 72% don't consider buying because of waste (European Congress on Coffee Capsules, 2018). Capsules brands can partner with us to offer a solution to 12 million coffee drinkers, just in Germany.



We partner with coffee vendors to launch the next generation of recycle systems. According to your needs, our offer can include technology licensing, co-development, or the supply of a finished product.

  • SMART DRAWER: The Smart Drawer is the recycle module compatible with the design of your coffee machine and proprietary capsule system. Our module replaces the existing container of exhausted capsules.  In some cases, the Smart Drawer can be integrated aftermarket.

  • SMART BIN: The Smart Bin is a small standalone accessory for the kitchen or for the office. It is customized according to the design of proprietary capsule systems. Users can throw used capsules from the coffee machine into the recycle device.


 We partner with coffee machine manufacturers and kitchen appliance manufacturers to support them in launching the next generation of recycle systems. According to your needs, our offer can include technology licensing and co-development services.

Executive team

Guglielmo Milan

Capagain CEO and engineer specialized in mechanical design. Two patents, Master's degree 5.8 from EPFL, Bachelor's cum laude from the University of Padova. He speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish.

Alisandro Haouari

EPFL master student in mechanical engineering. He specializes in mechanical testing and project management. He speaks French, Arabic, English.

Luca Massera

EPFL master student in mechanical engineering. He specializes in structural engineering and aerospace applications. He speaks Italian, English, French.

Advisory board

Caroline Coquerel

As professional start-up coach at the Swiss Innovation Agency, Caroline collaborates with CAPAGAIN bringing value on business development, marketing, communication, and networking.


Salvatore Bocchetti

Start-up coach at Venture,  Salvatore helps technology companies shaping and selling better products and services. In addition, he owns an independent business intelligence boutique specialising in the coffee industry (coffee and machinery, Ho.Re.Ca., Vending, etc.). 



Electronic Engineer

 We are looking for a young electronic engineer. You will own a project of design and prototyping of electronic control circuits. Expect a dynamic work atmosphere!  

Apply via myjob@epfl

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